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by francine Hardaway on November 8, 2006

We’ve moved on now to a panel talking about how to hire the right service people and consultants for your business, and how to market a service business. This panel has Lucia Howard, an attorney, Ben Smith, a marketing professional, Julie Johnson, a commercial leasing specialist, and Tim Shaffer, a turnaround specialist. They’re talking about personal guarantees and about exit strategies.

Most landlords make you sign personal guarantee on a lease because they are putting money into tenant improvements. As it turns out, many in the room are trying to move into a different space within the next year.

What I like about this panel is that they are all talking about tenant representation. I bet many of the attendees don’t even know that a commercial broker works for the landlord unless you hire him/her personally as a tenant representative.

And now they are going on to how to market a service business.

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