First Annual Arizona Entrepreneurship Conference

by francine Hardaway on November 8, 2006

It’s 5:50 AM on the day of the First Annual Arizona Entrepreneurship Conference, and I’m so excited!!!! 450 people have signed up. Above is a link to the first keynote, by William Cockayne, Associate Director of the Humanities Lab at Stanford. It’s about innovation and creativity.

How could I have done this without my friends Joan Koerber Walker, Ed Nusbaum, and Peter Burns? And the guys who signed on to sponsor a “First Annual?” Grand Canyon University, which is starting a school of Entrepreneurship here in Phoenix, the Business Journal, Shea Commercial, and the City of Tempe all gave us REAL DOLLARS to hold this conference.I’m gonna try to blog as much of it as possible.

Bill’s keynote sets a great tone for the conference, because he talks mainly about how innovation happens by reaching out to people with different ideas. He also talks about how it’s important to work with people you like. In his personal world, there are several entrepreneurs who had to quit working with each other because they found that they really didn’t like each other!

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