by francine Hardaway on December 3, 2003


Looking for a unique gift for someone who has arthritis, has been injured, or is just feeling the unfortunate effects of getting older? Or perhaps you would like to make your own life a bit more comfortable?

Active Forever ( has opened its first Discovery Center at 10799 N. 90th Street in Scottsdale (just north of Shea Blvd). At the Center, which is laid out like a home, you can see an array of daily living aids that can increase quality of life, including the Power Open Up Jar Opener and the long-handled toenail clipper, as well as bath benches and mobility scooters.

Active Forever is about making life easier for people. Hang out with ACTIVE FOREVER, and you’ll never have to get out of bed or bend over. And they also carry a portable Laser/TENS machine no larger than a fountain pen that treats chronic pain, sprains, pulls and fibromyalgia.

The Center is open daily from 8-5, and if you can�t get there in person you may order from their website, which contains a database of over 500 products. If you don�t see something you need, ACTIVE FOREVER has relationships with manufacturers for great pricing on over 10,000 products.

Perhaps you like to read. Then you�ll need the Levo Book Holder, which offers six unique movements to place your book perfectly in the most comfortable ergonomic reading position. You�ve never experienced such comfortable reading. Levo is the only bookholder on the market that can hold a 5 lb book completely upside down.

Or perhaps you�d like to own the Incline Aquatic Treadmill, which lets you use your pool to burn more calories than you would on land without harming your joints. There�s a special on the treadmill this month.

And then there are the fun and clever �kits,� which are already packaged as gifts.

There�s the Steady Hands Kit, a great assortment of helpful items for anyone with tremors. It comes with many items that someone with frequent hand tremors or a weakened hand condition needs to make everyday life easier. Reduce frustration while dining with the Good Grips(R) Weighted Utensils Set (Weighted Rocker Knife, Fork, Teaspoon, and “Souper Spoon); use the leverage of the Good Grips Jar Opener in the kitchen; feel more secure when paying bills with the Check Writing Guide, a template that makes it easier to write out checks neatly; and enjoy reading with a Book Butler to hold a book, newspaper, or magazine open and steady.

The Magnified Magnificence Kit, for women of �a certain age,� provides a great value on the beautiful Jerdon(R) Nickel-Plated 5X Illuminated Wall Mirror, featuring 5X magnification on one side and 1X magnification on the other; the EZ Pickens Magnifying Tweezers; and the fabulous aromatic NeckEase to soothe away tension and soreness in the neck and shoulders.

The Complete Hip Replacement Kit will be welcomed by anyone recovering from hip surgery. This kit of household necessities includes:
� Sock Aid;
� 24″ Stainless Steel Shoehorn;
� 32″ Reacher;
� Bendable Contoured Sponge on a long handle;
� Dressing Stick;
� One pair black 26″ Elastic Shoelaces
� One pair white 26″ Elastic Shoelaces

But if nothing�s wrong with you (right now) and you�re just interested in increasing your quality of life, there�s always the Workplace Comfort Kit, with the items you’ll need to spend a more comfortable day at the office. This kit contains
� Er-Go Rest Wrist Rest for comfort and protection to the wrists while typing, complete with the option
to apply heat or cold to wrists while working;
� The Easy Glide Mouse Pad featuring a built in gel wrist pad.
� Soft Touch Scissors that are easy to grip and open
� Dr. Grip Retractable Pen which fits comfortably in your hand.

Active Forever prides itself on offering the lowest prices, the best customer service, and same day shipping.

According to Chairman Erika Feinberg, “We are in business to make a difference. We want to always surprise people with our thoughtful and interesting selection, great pricing and energetic service. We’ll even customize what we carry in stock locally, for the community. If we hear a demand for something in particular, we’ll do our research, negotiate with suppliers, and provide the best choice at the best price for our customers. We don’t stop until everyone has a big smile on their faces.”

ACTIVE FOREVER is working closely with a number of non-profits such as ALS Foundation, Arthritis Foundation, Muhammad Ali Parkinson’s Foundation, the Easter Seals S.E.A.L.S. program, and others, to help them accomplish their missions, and is also forming partnerships to donate a percentage of sales back into the non-profits.

Call for a catalogue at 1.800.377.8033

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